Zest® Cares

A Commitment to Giving Back

Over 45 million Americans live in poverty and many simply can’t afford everyday essentials like soap, shampoo and conditioner.

In fact, SNAP and other federal assistance programs don’t cover the purchase of personal care items, so millions of low income families must either do without soap and shampoo, use less, borrow, or make difficult trade-offs with other living expenses. This is where many social service organizations, like Family-to-Family, help fill the gap.

“High Ridge Brands is committed to helping American families struggling to make ends meet. Our donations will help provide these families with high quality personal cleansing products to start their day off with the positive feeling of confidence and dignity that comes from being clean and looking great.”

CEO, High Ridge Brands


High Ridge Brands is a proud sponsor of The Family-To-Family Shower To The People Program.

Family-to-Family, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting, one-to-one, families with enough to share with impoverished American families with profoundly less. Family-to-Family is proud to receive support from High Ridge Brands as they launch a new poverty relief effort, “The Family-to-Family Shower To The People Program,” designed to provide badly needed and essential personal care items to families living in poverty.

“It’s hard for most of us to imagine what kind of emotional toll living in poverty exacts. The stress and worry about the basics many of us take for granted – from feeding your family to keeping them clean and healthy – all become very overwhelming.”

Founder of Family-to-Family